Foot and Ankle

Foot and ankle surgery, or podiatry, refers to the diagnosis and treatment related to disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity. A foot and ankle surgeon, or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, is uniquely qualified to surgically treat this part of the body.

Many people believe that this specialty only treats minor foot problems like ingrown toenails. However, a foot and ankle surgeon is also qualified to surgically cure complex conditions such as birth defects, diabetic feet, and injuries of the feet/lower leg.

At IRMC Physician Group, our foot and ankle surgeons are here to help for all issues involving the lower extremity. We employ the use of a variety of assessment and treatment tools, including the latest technological advancements, to establish an accurate diagnosis quickly and develop a plan of care that fits the needs of each patient suffering from foot or ankle pain.

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Nihar Ghate, DPM

Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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