Blog: Get Your Skin Glowing

Blog: Get Your Skin Glowing

Looking for glowing, dewy skin this spring? You will not find this product at a cosmetic store or the skincare aisle. It’s nothing exotic or hard to find, look no further than the produce section at your local grocery store or your garden!


Carrots are known to promote good vision, but they are great for other parts of the body, too. Carrots are loaded with beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A and supports the renewal of skin cells, smoother complexion, and fewer blemishes. Eating carrots also aids in oil balance and even UV protection. You won’t need a makeup contour palate to achieve a healthy, golden glow.

Just one cup of sliced, raw carrots can get you four times your daily dose of Vitamin A needs. Scrub your carrots well and peel them gently to preserve as much of the surface area as possible. Fresh carrots provide the highest amount of nutrients.

Here are some simple ways to add carrots into your diet:

  • Shred/chop them into your salads and soups
  • Add carrots into your potato salad or pasta salad for a summer picnic
  • Include carrots as a side for your steak dinner or cook-out meal
  • Add carrots to your muffin recipe
  • Serve candied or glazed carrots with a meal
  • Include carrots in your morning or pre-workout smoothie
  • Slice and marinate carrots for fish dishes
  • Make homemade carrot cake for dessert
  • Enjoy a glass of carrot juice

Be sure to add carrots to your grocery list!

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