Blog: IPG Can Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

Blog: IPG Can Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

It is never too late in the year (or too early!) to create and accomplish a list of resolutions. Some of the most common resolutions are listed on this blog post – do they look familiar?! Although millions of Americans make resolutions every year, only about 12% are successful in achieving their goals. Why are resolutions so easy to make yet so difficult to keep?

Wanting to make a change for the better is already a step in the right direction. To make it happen requires that a 4-step plan be put into effect:

  1. Choose Realistic Goals:
  • Make this your year! Choosing the right goals for the right reasons is crucial in achieving success. Identifying the motivation behind why you are choosing a specific goal will help you to avoid setting goals for the wrong reasons. Remember – choose a resolution for yourself and not others! Overwhelmed by the multitude of things you should be eating and should be doing? Put a little research into your areas of interest, ask your friends and co-workers for tips, and remember: there are no tricks!
  • Aim high! The most successfully achieved goals are those that are difficult, and therefore present a challenge, but not so difficult that success is unrealistic.
  • Be specific and commit to it. Remember that change will not happen overnight and will require slight modifications to various behaviors. Start with small easy goals and add more as you slowly adapt:
  • Add nutrient-packed vegetables and fruits to your diet and opt for whole grains to improve your health.
  • Set 20 minutes aside 3 times a week for aerobic activity to get your heart pumping.
  • Schedule 10 minutes a day for calming deep breathing in a quiet place to dramatically reduce your stress levels.
  1. Identify The Plan:
  • Like any good plan, action must be taken! Set small measurable goals to achieve throughout the year, such as losing 3 pounds a month rather than 36 pounds for the year.
  • Assign yourself tasks with due dates that will move you closer to your goals.
  1. Stick With It:
  • 10% of people are more likely to accomplish their resolutions when making them public and receiving support from family and friends!
  • The New Year brings a rush of motivation that tends to fizzle out by February! Place motivational stick-it notes on the fridge, in your daybook, on your monitor at work and anywhere they will be in plain sight to give you a boost of motivation all year long!
  1. Be Good to Yourself:
  • Be flexible, forgiving and follow through!
  • Do not abandon your goals because of a few mistakes or slip-ups; take them in stride and keep going!
  • Reward yourself. Each new day of this New Year represents a new opportunity to get back on track and stick with it. Reward yourself with a celebratory lunch, a new book or indulge in a massage – you’ve earned it!
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