HEALTHY LIVING:  De-Escalating Debates

HEALTHY LIVING: De-Escalating Debates

The American Psychological Association reports that half of U.S. adults are stressed by the 2016 presidential election. Since the 2016 presidential election is heating up, political debates among American citizens are heating up, as well. Election years allow presidential candidates to voice their viewpoints and opinions regarding the United States’ well-being. It’s also a time…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Subtle Stressors

HEALTHY LIVING: Subtle Stressors

Everyone strives to live a happy and healthy life, but many of us create stress without realizing it. Below are seven subtle stressors people do daily. EATING A DOUGHNUT FOR BREAKFAST Give more thought about your daily breakfast choices. A doughnut (simple carbohydrate) is not an efficient energy source to start out your day. Simple…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Nutrition Myths

HEALTHY LIVING: Nutrition Myths

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard, but knowing nutrition myths can ease the stress. MYTH: Eating smaller portions throughout the day will boost your metabolism. • Consuming smaller meal portions throughout the day WILL NOT boost your metabolism. • Don’t skip meals and eat three nutritious meals daily to get the nutrients required for…

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Nearly 40 percent of adults experience daytime sleepiness or have trouble falling asleep at night. Feel better rested in the morning by…: Maintaining a consistent day-to-day schedule. Reducing caffeine consumption. Turning off all computers and televisions in and around your sleep area. Not going to bed with a full stomach. Not going to bed with…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Cold and Flu Remedies

HEALTHY LIVING: Cold and Flu Remedies

Throughout the year, adults contract approximately two to four colds and nearly three million get the flu virus. Living with cold and flu symptoms can cause great discomfort, but there are several ways to relieve cold and flu symptoms. Headaches/Sore Throat For headaches and sore throats, take 1,000 milligrams of Tylenol OR 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen three…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Artificial Ingredients

HEALTHY LIVING: Artificial Ingredients

Food producers advertise specific flavorings on packages, but it might not contain the flavoring you originally thought. Food packages advertise certain flavors written on them, but the flavor named might not actually be included in the food. According to Federal regulations, terms such as “maple” and “maple-flavored” are allowed to be used on food packages to advertise…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Pulse Reading


Conducting a pulse reading is simple and can be done in one minute. A pulse is the expansion of arteries caused by blood pressure fluctuations. With each heartbeat, blood pressure rises and falls in the body. A pulse can be felt easier in arteries that are closer to the skin. A pulse can be found…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Dosing Delusion

HEALTHY LIVING: Dosing Delusion

Parents administering liquid medication to their kids should use more accurate measuring tools. New York University researchers discovered that parents may be accidentally giving their kids more than double the recommended amount of liquid medication. Researchers found that four out of every five parents make at least one dosing error when filling a dosing cup with the correct…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Job Happiness


More than half of Americans are dissatisfied with their job, according to the Conference Board research group. People strive for three basic elements in their day-to-day lives, which include control over their life, positive social interactions, and finding joy and meaning with how their time is spent. For most people, job dissatisfaction isn’t the job…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Kids and Sports

HEALTHY LIVING: Kids and Sports

Children who attempt to specialize solely in one sport are at higher risk for adulthood injuries, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Injuries related to muscle overuse are preventable and the risks increase if children do not diversify the sports they participate in. For children, sports are intended for enjoyment and are supposed to…

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HEALTHY LIVING:  Back-To-School Basics

HEALTHY LIVING: Back-To-School Basics

As school-age children prepare to return to school, it’s important to make the back-to-school transition as comfortable as possible for your child. Here are some tips to help make back-to-school season more manageable and less stressful. IMPLEMENT A BEDTIME AND WAKE-UP ROUTINE A FEW WEEKS PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:  Getting your child into the…

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Healthy Living:  Escaping Emails

Healthy Living: Escaping Emails

Expecting employees to constantly check emails after the workday disrupts a healthy work-family balance, according to researchers. Bosses who expect employees to always be on call after work typically cause more harm than good to their employees. The anticipation of expecting work emails after the workday concludes creates physical and emotional exhaustion in employees. Although…

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