Celebrating 40 Years of Commitment to the Community

Celebrating 40 Years of Commitment to the Community

Forty years ago, around this time of year, brought exciting changes to the Marion Center community. In 1977, the government issued matching fund grants to bring healthcare to rural communities. Seven communities embarked on a journey to raise the funds.  Fast forward forty years and Mahoning Medical Center is the only one of seven still community owned, community run and serving the medical community.

Over the course of forty years, Mahoning Medical Center has seen a lot of change, but a lot of things have stayed the same, too.  Mahoning Medical Center has been a home base for various doctors, dentists, and physical therapists. IRMC Physician Group’s very own Dr. J Lindsay Parks has been there since the beginning. Additionally, Mahoning Medical Center is the location of one of Indiana Regional Medical Center’s satellite lab and outpatient diagnostics, providing a convenience for local patients.

On the footsteps of this historical benchmark, we ask that you please join us in celebration of 40 years of Mahoning Medical Center on Saturday, September 30 from 11 am to 2 pm. The celebration will include food, music, entertainment, prizes, tours, health screenings and much more.

“We are looking forward to people coming to the facility to see the services our providers offer, as well as the medical vendors, food vendors, the band, and some really nice door prizes” says Janice Johnson, board member of the Mahoning Medical Center.

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