Doctor Article: Lifestyle Roadblocks

Doctor Article: Lifestyle Roadblocks

By Dr. Timothy Wong, Family Practice

I recently saw a pleasant patient with obesity, cholesterol problems and a fatty liver. It was obvious that the common thread to her problems was an unhealthy lifestyle. It wasn’t completely her fault, after all we live in quite an unhealthy environment. Yet, she was responsible and the one who was ultimately suffering.

As healthcare providers, we ask our patients to make drastic lifestyle changes because we think it is for the better. We hear all sorts of excuses and obstacles. Yet, if our patients are to be truly healthy, we know that they must overcome whatever personal road blocks they may encounter.

Healthcare providers face the same problems, perhaps even more so than most. We constantly have to adapt to new changes and rules. The implementation of EMR is a prime example. Still, just like our patients, we are responsible for overcoming what excuses that we may have. We cannot let impediments overcome our drive for improvement. When we have the wish that our patients could just find a way to become a little more motivated or to problem solve a little harder, we should also think about our own obstacles and wish the same for ourselves.

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