Doctor Article: When can therapy be helpful?

Doctor Article: When can therapy be helpful?

By Morgan Daugherty, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Did you know that 60% of adults and 50% of children/adolescents with a mental illness did not receive treatment last year? The number one leading cause of disability worldwide is depression! One in five children, adolescents and adults are living with a mental health condition. Ninety percent of individuals who take their own lives had an underlying mental health condition. Obviously, this is an area that needs the attention of all medical providers.

Mental health treatment may include but is not limited to, psychiatric evaluation and medications, inpatient hospitalization, intensive out-patient treatment; out-patient mental health therapy (individual, group, family, and couples) and case management. The use of psychotherapy is sometimes underutilized by the medical industry. I often have patients that enter therapy because they were referred due to being told that their problems are “all in their head” after medical interventions have failed to alleviate all of their symptoms. Although this can be a true statement, it is often not well received. Many patients seek treatment for disorders that are psychosomatic (mind and body) for which therapy can assist in reducing those symptoms. It is the therapist’s job to break down why these symptoms are occurring and how to treat the symptoms by changing habits and negative ways of thinking.

Psychotherapy has also proven to be effective in helping people with the following medical diagnoses: Depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder; bereavement, grief, trauma, domestic violence, self-esteem issues, gender and sexual identity issues, substance abuse; eating disorders, caregivers, life transitions such as divorce, retirement and other medical diagnoses. Therapists can assist in coordination of care and referral to community resources as needed.

Statistical information referenced from the National Alliance on Mental Illness: www.nami.org

Therapy staff at Neuropsychiatric Associates include: Morgan Daugherty, Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Patricia Kubistek, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Judith Rein, Clinical Psychologist.

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