Blog: Harvest Your Healthy Family

Blog: Harvest Your Healthy Family

As the seasons change, Harvest A Healthy Family by finding ways to unite through wellness by invigorating daily routines of nutrition, exercise and living healthfully. A Latin poet once wrote “Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well.” Wellness is about living healthfully, not because you have to, but because you love to, on every level. The funny thing is that when we stop thinking of our health as another bothersome responsibility and begin to yearn for the quiet bliss of a balanced life, we become thoroughly contagious – everyone wants to know why we glow from the inside out! Choosing to actively pursue wellness allows us to harvest our own healthy families through great nutrition, exercise, and immunizations this Fall. Here’s some ways you can harvest a healthy family:


  • Watch portion sizes – when eating a meal, be cautious of overeating
  • Get the whole family to contribute with food preparation, focusing on an exciting variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Insist on eating together, especially for breakfasts and dinners

Get into Action:

  • Walk whenever possible – walk briskly through the store or plan a family walk after dinner
  • Move in your home – whether it is through yard work, shoveling snow or getting things done around the house— be creative! Play bouncy upbeat songs as everyone is cleaning, to cheer up the mood and get them dancing as they clean
  • Invite physical activity into the family routine —plan a breathless hiking trip or cheer on your kids in community sports teams

Annual Check-Ups:

  • Fall is recognized as flu season, so be sure to schedule your family’s annual immunizations to keep them full of energy and zest
  • Schedule annual check-ups with your provider by visiting irmcdocs.org or calling 888-452-IRMC
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