Healthy Living: 10 Easy Ways to Be Healthier

Healthy Living: 10 Easy Ways to Be Healthier

When most people think of getting healthy, rigorous workout routines and extreme calorie cutbacks come to mind. However, the first step towards healthy living begins with small, incremental lifestyle changes in your daily routine.
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1. Drink More Water

While it sounds simple, drinking more water in place of soda and other soft drinks will result in an automatic whole-body health boost. Water cleanses both your body and bloodstream, resulting in benefits such as clearer skin, a boost in kidney function, and an increase in productivity. To calculate your optimal daily water intake, take your body weight and divide by two (i.e. 60 oz of water for 120 lbs).

2. Balance Eating With Activity

It is important to balance your caloric intake with activity during the day. Eating before bedtime when activity is low is a key factor in weight gain for many people. Know your lifestyle routine and balance your eating habits accordingly.

3. Walk More

You do not have to spend hours at the gym to increase your overall health. According to Babble.com, walking more can lift your mood, strengthen your bones, and improve coordination. You can make little changes such as parking farther away, taking the scenic route while on foot, and choosing to take the stairs more often.

4. Eat Breakfast

Instead of rushing out the door in the morning without eating, make note to grab something with nutritional value. According to Webmd, regularly eating a healthy breakfast will improve strength, concentration, and overall nutrition.

5. Stretch Before Bed

Take two minutes to stretch out the day's tension before bed. This will result in relaxation, cut back on stiffness, and help you sleep better.

6. Get Enough Sleep

It is recommended to get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep each night. Regularly depriving yourself of that amount will make you feel fuzzy, cause weight gain, and result in mood swings. By optimizing your sleep time, you are taking positive steps toward whole-body health.

7. Cut Back on Tech Time

Ditch your cellphone or computer before bed and substitute with a novel. According to the Huffington Post, the glare from technology is proven to result in insomnia and irregular sleep patterns.

8. Home Cook

Cutback on caloric intake by making one more home-cooked meal per week. By cooking meals yourself, you are in control of what is in your food.

9. Get Outside

Increase your Vitamin-D intake by stepping in the sunlight for 10-15 minutes per day. After doing so, slather on the sunscreen and enjoy nature. According to the Huffington Post, being outside increases brain function, spurs weight loss, and makes exercise easier.

10. Practice Stress Relief

When life gets stressful, remember to take time to practice relaxation techniques. Methods such as meditating, deep breathing, exercising, and talking to others can help decrease your overall stress.

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