Healthy Living:  Back Acne Prevention

Healthy Living: Back Acne Prevention

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States affecting more than 50 million people.

Back acne is caused by the body producing excess oil due to rising hormone levels in the blood and dead skin cells that do not shed properly on the back.

You can reduce back acne breakouts by:

  • Wearing loose-fitting clothing, especially during workouts
  • Washing your back shortly after sweating
  • Gently applying non-abrasive acne cleanser
  • Avoiding irritating acne products
  • Not scrubbing the affected areas
  • Not popping, picking, or squeezing affected spots because it may worsen the effected area
  • Avoiding the sun and tanning beds because damaged skin is more prone to acne

If you’re struggling with back acne, call 888-452-IRMC (4762) to schedule an appointment with IRMC Physician Group Dermatologist, Dr. Yousuf Qureshi.

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