Healthy Living:  Gluten Allergies

Healthy Living: Gluten Allergies

A gluten-free diet is a personal choice for some people, but it is also a medical need for others.

Those with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease rely on a gluten-free diet to avoid health complications. A 100 percent gluten-free diet remains the only treatment for gluten-related conditions.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and in certain oats. Gluten-filled foods include breads, pastas, and desserts. The protein can also be found in various medications, vitamins, and even lip balms.

Reactions to gluten allergy usually include gas, diarrhea or bloating. According to researchers, approximately one percent of the world has a gluten allergy, but nearly 80 percent of gluten allergies are not diagnosed. Neglecting a gluten-related condition can lead to malnutrition, depression, anxiety, anemia, and weakened bones, if left untreated.

Contact a dietitian for assistance setting up a gluten-free meal plan.

For additional questions, please call 888-452-IRMC (4762) to set up an appointment with IPG internists Dr. Eric Heasley, Dr. Matthew Klain, Dr. Nervana Mahmoud, or Dr. Jason Sharbaugh.

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