Literacy Links: A Magazine Subscription for Your Baby

Literacy Links: A Magazine Subscription for Your Baby

A baby is born ready to learn.

Those are the words that a group of local teachers, both retired and active, believed when they founded their non-profit group, Literacy Links for Little Ones, Inc. This organization, formed in 2007, has been providing opportunities for new parents to learn about the importance of reading aloud to children by providing them with quality literature.

Reading aloud to a baby teaches communication skills; introduces number, letter, and color concepts; builds listening and vocabulary skills; and gives the baby information about the world around him/her. It provides the sounds necessary for language development and invites the baby to look, point and touch. The child begins to recognize emotions and expressive sounds which leads to social development. But most importantly, when parents read to their child on a regular basis, the child makes a connection between the people he/she loves and the enjoyment of reading.

As a patient of IRMC Physician Group, you have the opportunity to sign up for a free subscription to Babybug magazine, simply ask your OB/GYN provider at your next appointment.  To schedule your next appointment, simply call 888-452-IRMC or visit www.IRMCdocs.org.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will this magazine cost?

You will receive a FREE one-year subscription (9 issues) to Babybug magazine.  This is made possible through the efforts of Literacy Links for Little Ones, Inc., in partnership with Indiana Regional Medical Center, local service and social organizations such as Kiwanis Club of Indiana and Indiana Rotary, and contributions from numerous Indiana County residents.

How do I sign up for this magazine?

Complete the subscription request form provided during your prenatal visit.  Return the form to your OB/GYN’s office staff.

Do I need to send any information to Babybug magazine?

No.  The members of Literacy Links for Little Ones, Inc. will forward the information to the publishers of the magazine.

When will the magazine arrive at my home?

The first issue should arrive within six to eight weeks.

For more information, please visit www.literacy-links.org.

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