News:  Ivy League to IRMC

News: Ivy League to IRMC

A Harvard Medical School graduate is bringing his passion, expertise, and abilities to Indiana Regional Medical Center Physician Group.

Dr. Yousuf Qureshi, 30, of Manhasset, N.Y., is a board-certified dermatologist who followed in his mother’s footsteps to become a physician.

“Growing up, she was always someone I looked up to,” Qureshi said.

His mother, a Queens, N.Y., primary care physician, influenced him to become a physician because she exposed him to the medical field throughout his childhood. The exposure gave him the opportunity to recognize the impact his mother made on the Queens, N.Y., community.

“She had a big impact in that community,” Qureshi said. “Seeing that really showed me the impact doctors can have.

“I just followed her path.”

After earning his bachelor’s degree from Brown University in Providence, R.I., in 2009, Qureshi received his acceptance into Harvard Medical School, a graduate-level medical school with a 3.7 percent acceptance rate, in Boston. His acceptance was an accomplishment he did not take for granted.

“It was unreal to me,” he said. “Out of everything I’ve done and accomplished, that is one of the moments that impacted me the most.”

While attending medical school and completing clinical rotations in multiple specialties, he could not find a medical specialty that interested him, except for dermatology.

“None of the other specialties really spoke to me,” Qureshi said. “I loved dermatology the first time I did it.”

Qureshi said he enjoys performing dermatology procedures because he can see his patients’ physical appearance improve almost instantly.

“There’s something satisfying about doing procedures and seeing your work right then and there,” Qureshi said. “People are so bothered by stuff on their skin and just helping them with that is more gratifying to me than other specialties.”

Once he found his specialty and graduated from medical school, he knew he wanted to join a community hospital with community values, which is why he chose IRMC.

“One of the qualities I was really drawn to was the community feel and the hospital’s community focus,” Qureshi said. “I interviewed at other places in Pittsburgh, but it was more of a corporate feel and really didn’t have that sense of community.”

Dr. Qureshi will begin seeing patients July 24, 2017, at Indiana at Chestnut Ridge, 25 Colony Blvd., Suite 110, Blairsville, Pa.  15717.

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