IRMC Physician Group's We-Care program helps eligible persons receive health care services at no cost or reduced cost, depending on their family income.

Please see the attached income range table to determine your eligibility and share of covered charges.

How to Qualify

In order to qualify for the IRMC Physician Group (IPG) Charity Care Program, patients will be required to complete a We-Care application after reading the We Care application guidelines.

Patients who have health insurance, including medical assistance, will not qualify for the charity care program.

If you become eligible for any insurance, including medical assistance, during the six months that you were approved, you will no longer be covered by the We-Care program as of the date your insurance/medical assistance became effective.

The Charity Care program is not insurance. This program does not cover any testing or procedures that are done at the hospital, even if a participating provider ordered the testing or procedure. Only physicians on the We-Care physician list will participate in this program.

Application Process

Patients who have no insurance and are requesting charity care must apply for the medical assistance program by contacting the Medical Assistance office at 724 357 2900. Only patients who are denied acceptance into the medical assistance program will be considered for the charitable care program. A copy of the rejection letter from the medical assistance program must be provided for patients to be considered for the charity care program. 

  • If you are receiving any income, please bring proof of your current income. Most government or state income can be accessed on line. Due to HIPPA Laws, IPG cannot provide computer access for you to obtain this information.
  • If a patient is accepted for the charitable care program, the designation is only for six months. Patients will need to reapply before that time ends.
  • Clarification: If you are seen today and have no insurance, you will be listed as "self-pay" and you will have 30 days to apply for medical assistance and receive a denial. If you are denied by medical assistance and you qualify for charity care, you will be covered for that date of service. Your 6 months will begin with that date of service.
  • It will be the patient's responsibility to know when they need to reapply for medical assistance (please give yourself at least 30 days) IPG will not be able to back date the next date of service and the patient will be responsible for that visit. What this means is, if you have an appointment scheduled for the day after your expiration and you did not reapply for medical assistance, that date of service will not be covered under the We-Care program.
  • Patients who currently have I-Care will need to apply for the We-Care program. IPG can no longer automatically transfer you from the I-Care program to the We-Care program without a formal review following the same criteria as listed above.

An IPG representative will be available to take your application, or assist you with your application on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3:30 p.m.

If these dates and times do not work for you, please call our office at 888 452 IRMC to make an appointment.